Student Engagement in Climate Justice

Fewer Plastic for Lent 2023 Week 1: Assessment

Feb 20, 2023

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February 20, 2023

Each week during Lent the Green Justice Seminary Team will be sharing one step you can take to reduce your impact on Creation as a Lenten practice and will be taking these steps alongside the rest of the seminary. Thank you for joining us on this Lenten journey to reduce our plastic consumption and practice loving our neighbors impacted by plastic production and plastic waste around the world.

The first step in using fewer plastics is to evaluate your plastic usage. Most plastics are single-use packaging and only about 5% of the plastic we put in the recycling is actually recycled. This week, set aside every piece of plastic you would normally throw away or put in recycling in a separate place. At the end of the week take 2 minutes to look through your plastic use to get an idea of what habits are leading to your plastic consumption.

The #NoPlasticsforLent initiative calls us to prayer for creation, to lament the ways we have been complicit in the degradation of the earth, and to action to care for our neighbor in fasting from the things that are hurting our planet. You can take the ELCA Young Adults Ministry Pledge here.