Student Engagement in Climate Justice

Fewer Plastics for Lent 2023 Week 6: Body and Hair Care Swaps

Mar 27, 2023

Metal tins with "Solid conditioner" and "solid shampoo" on the.

By Katie Evans, PLTS Green Justice Seminary Team and MA student in Climate Justice and Faith Concentration

This week, I am sharing some different swaps that I have done in my own life around hygiene products. Over the last couple years, I have been making swaps and trying new products. In that time, I have switched over to shampoo and conditioner bars. They are great for the health of my hair and save plastic and money. I order mine from Mount Royal Soap Co. in Baltimore but there are options for buying locally including at Fillgood on Solano, Ave. The bars come in metal tins for easy travel or you can order them in compostable bags. When I was using regular shampoo and conditioner, I had to buy new bottles every two months as it took more product to manage my curls. These bars usually last me 3-4 months. The switch saves me around $5 a month, which isn’t a lot but it adds up!

While that is the main switch, there are other swaps that make things easier. I use bar body soap and refillable hand soap that saves me money and plastic. I am definitely no expert, and I have just started doing the swaps that I can afford and make sense for the needs in my life. There are endless swap options like reusable cotton rounds, bamboo toothbrushes and more. If there are other swaps or recommendations that you have, I would love to hear about them!